Tile Patterns By Location


Tile Layout Ideas by Installation Location

The pattern you decide for your tile layout is just as significant as the color, texture and shape. It’s important to consider how the arrangement of your tile installation can add a special element to any room in your home.
Tile patterns by location


Installing tile flooring is a practical decision that allows you to express your personal aesthetic and set the tone for any room’s decor. The wide variety of tile patterns available ensures that there is an option to complement any budget or style, from contemporary to rustic to traditional. Whether you’re working on your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or entryway, patterns such as chevron, Versailles, herringbone, offset, diagonal, or basket weave can define your space and make it stand out. A particularly stylish statement is installing a rug pattern in your entryway, creating a fun and unique focal point.

Floor Tile Patterns


From eye-catching to subtle, installing an attractive tile design can transform your walls into works of art. Adding a border or listello with a burst of pattern and color will draw the eye and add an engaging, decorative element to your home. Consider creating an accent or feature wall to draw attention in a room, whether it’s your fireplace surround, behind your bed’s headboard, or where your TV is mounted. The shower area offers an excellent opportunity to showcase an interesting tile layout that creates a lively and welcoming vibe. Our selection of architectural tiles includes a variety of textures and even 3-D effects, perfect for injecting life into your wall patterns, no matter which room you’re working on in your home.

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Installing a tile backsplash in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or entryway ensures a durable, easy-to-clean surface. Adding a bold pattern can infuse your walls with personality and create a standout area. From arabesque to mosaic to diamond, the design possibilities for your tile backsplash are virtually limitless. We love how an exciting pattern can brighten up the area above your stove or sink. A striking band of decorative listello tile can provide a bold contrast to the rest of your wall, while a unique border design can mimic the look of artwork within a picture frame. Your backsplash is an ideal canvas to flex your creative muscles and experiment with interesting pattern designs.

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Elevate the look and feel of your bathroom quickly by installing an intriguing tile pattern in your shower area. Create a focal point by transforming your largest or most visible wall into an accent wall with a striking mosaic, herringbone, or geometric layout. Even subway and 1/3 offset patterns can make your shower area stand out when you select a stylish finish. Since the shower is a place where you spend a significant amount of time, it makes sense to make this space special and visually appealing.
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