Tile Installation Orlando


Tile installation might seem straightforward, but it requires expertise and years of experience to achieve perfection. This is especially true for bathroom and kitchen installations, where tiles must be precisely positioned to ensure proper water drainage.

Mozzeli Tiles & Stones offers a comprehensive range of tile installation services throughout the greater Orlando, FL area. Our professionals deliver high-quality tiling services at affordable rates, never compromising on workmanship. Our experts also assist you in selecting the most suitable type of tile or stone for your specific application. At Mozzeli Tiles & Stones, our commitment extends beyond installation; we provide care guidance to ensure the longevity and durability of your new tiles.


Every remodeling starts from complete demolition.

Demolition is one of the most crucial steps in construction. Improper demolition often leads to additional work and complications. This is where we excel. We understand the importance of the initial stage in remodeling and offer professional demolition services that include covering and protecting your belongings from dust and debris, and efficiently managing all waste in our dumpsters, which will be placed outside your building. We offer a variety of dumpster sizes, from small ones suitable for a single bathroom to larger ones that can accommodate waste throughout the entire construction project.

Once demolition is complete, we move on to preparing the area for tile installation, a phase we call the preparation stage. This involves creating a strong, flat surface suitable for laying tile or natural stone. Please note that some tile installations require waterproofing the base to prevent water leakage, such as in shower floors. There are several methods to achieve this:

The most common and fastest method for shower waterproofing is using a shower pan liner. Preparation can sometimes be the most time-consuming and costly part of our services. Therefore, we encourage you to consult with our specialists today to find the optimal solution for your project needs.


Ceramic and porcelain tile installation.

Ceramic and porcelain tile installation is typically easier compared to natural stone. These tiles generally do not require a concrete base. When preparing floors or walls for ceramic or porcelain tiles, we usually employ HardieBacker boards or Durock cement boards. It is important to note that the size of the tiles can affect the overall project cost. Smaller tiles, such as 4×4, 4×6, and 6×8, require more time to install.

When purchasing ceramic or porcelain tiles for your project, always consider the finishing corners. These tiles often have matching bullnose pieces, made from the same material and color, which are sold separately by the linear foot. Additionally, it is advisable to purchase 10-15% extra tiles and bullnose pieces to account for any cuts or future repairs.

Mosaic and glass tile installation.

The most crucial aspect for ceramic and porcelain tiles is a perfectly leveled and even base, preferably made of concrete or cement board. Mosaic and glass tiles, typically used for decorative purposes, require an especially consistent base level. For instance, using liners between ceramic tiles highlights the decorative use of these tiles. Shower floors are an example of surfaces that need a consistent base level, as they must be properly graded towards the drain, or in areas with rounded corners, such as pools.

When mosaic tiles are involved in a project, it demands greater attention, experience, and professional expertise from the installer. Our company brings over 10 years of experience working with mosaic and glass tiles, ensuring top-quality installation and exceptional results.


Natural stone fabrication and installation.

Natural stone features distinctive patterns and colors, each type characterized by its unique formation process and time frame. Marble, granite, travertine, and onyx are among the most commonly used natural stones in construction today. Of these, granite stands out as the strongest, most affordable, and easiest to maintain, making it ideal for countertops, high-traffic areas, and fireplaces.

Marble and travertine, on the other hand, are more delicately used in applications such as bathroom walls, floors, and kitchen backsplashes. Unlike ceramic tiles, natural stone does not come with pre-made bullnoses. Instead, bullnoses are crafted by hand by the installer. This fabrication process for natural stone requires considerable time, expertise, and patience, underscoring the craftsmanship involved.


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